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WELCOME-- to our expo-site where seminar and workshop information is available to you here online. First, while preparing for a career or hobby in the fields of beauty, fashion, arts and entertainment; you must keep in mind to have a set goal. This does not mean that you cannot try several different talents and/or projects, however, have a set plan. Beginning with a schedule and calendar. Keeping track of important dates and appointments. The schedule is not all together different, but it is a personal note of smaller tasks that you may have to perform or things on your agenda that may not need a personal visit outside of your designated workspace. Yes, you do need to prepare a worktable or private area to keep things organized. It's like telling a good joke or one-liner, all in the timing. Striking at the right moment and being a hit. With fame, there isn't always fortune, but it helps for more work...When someone knows your name, it can be good or bad, so decide how serious it will be to you. Take on all encounters as a business venture and politeness will speak well of you. It also helps with product endorsements, i.e., television commercials. That's daily pay for most of us but I'm more than just a sports fan....

Taking into account, all that I have stated, the main thing on your mind is what appointments?, what schedule? Okay, so I don't have too much to lose while organizing my room. So, now that we are thinking and wondering what to do! Here is a list of some suggested items that are generally easy to acquire for keeping your events documented.









.current/up-to-date photos

.transparent tape

.paint brushes


.stencils for lettering

.old newspapers

What does all this mean? Learn something about being creative, it is more than just an after thought. Besides, maybe one day that record deal will pay off and you could be worth more than just a quarter yourself...People watch television almost 24/7/365, all year around. Who makes the most money in showbiz, the advertisers. With out sponsors, you are a paper route. From the list we have above, start one today and realize the $$$$$(m-o-n-e-y).

Now, before you do anything else, make copies of your photographs, or if you can download from your computer, print them out. Let's make one point clear. The online software is a no-no. It's too expensive and you don't want to pay residuals on your own photos, you want to eventually find someone who is going to pay you. In advertising there is something called clip-art, paste-up and freehand. This is all of the above, but now that's what the name of the software is. Sorry, no offense but it's like claiming the written and spoken word. People cannot own language so to speak, we just have different dialects. This might take some practice, but cut out your photos and glue them back onto a sheet of paper (/////), (|||||), (\), (+), (=). Using the previous examples and thinking of each line being a corner end of your photos. Start wherever you like, but I suggest three inches from the top and use four or five photos, slightly larger that a wallet size. This is a composite. Let it dry. Next stencil in your name at the top. On the bottom, put your height, weight, eye color, hair color, talents and skills, website, email, online information and mailing address so someone can contact you. This information you may want to type or print and also cut and paste to your composite. Talents and skills keep it simple, i.e., model, act, sing, dance, choreography, runway, commercial print, pageants, beauty, fashion, spoken word, poetry, writing skills, comedy, drama, theatre, public readings, speaker, etc. If you decide that you may like to make this a permanent thing and turn your flyer/composite into a glossy photo, perhaps you will have a resume to attach to the back. This will eventually be both sides facing outward. Like turning the page to a book, so you can see both sides and staple the four corners or while printing add it on. And make use of your home computer and print the whole job yourself.....

Now, what were the newspapers for? The clean-up? To cover the work area so you won't get glue all over every thing? Well, and maybe to use a few words and phrases for clip-art and backgrounds, etc. So now take a look at what's left and see what you have been missing all over town. Wasting your time making some stupid composite, right?!...Wrong, I said use old newspapers. So now....go out and get an up-to-date one. Selecting the sunday paper is usually the best because it has information for the coming week and there's a few days in between next weekend and a possible booking some place. So that's the calendar, notebook, and stationery in use. Make copies of your composite, draft a few letters and mail them out to some events that are scheduled for the week. So from there, if you are called or contacted that's a booking. However, do not get discouraged if money is running a little tight for the week and couldn't make it in.

For further information on this subject or any of the following projects, Rampwalkers recruiting, Magic Kids and Company Clothing, Fundraisers, Events, Promotions, and Production Planning. In the New York tri-state area training for pageantry, fashion shows, and talent competitions....


Olivia Cheatham-Shipman


Media Consultant

244 Fifth Avenue, #E289

New York, New York 10001-7604