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Resources and References for Community and Devotion

Our General Programming: online wepage with affiliate links, business opportunities
Extra, Extra, and Etc.: online webpage with affiliate links, business opportunities
Prepaid Online: for the traveling consumer prepaid phonecards, internet, etc. child sponsoring program for personal needs and education online christian community with forums, clubs, offers and opportunities
Church Staffing: online christian community job search online resource for background check for employment/volunteers
Rampwalkers Community Support Project: online community from, for public notice
Rampwalkers Community Outreach Club: online club posted at, a development group
International Poetry Ambassador Program: online posting, introduction to spoken word/public readings from poets
Big Church: online christian dating community
Live and Speak the Word: focus group, the holy readers, of scripture, poetry, verse and working faith
Fast Track Fundraising: online fundraising company to assist groups, churches, schools, and communities with sales for donations
LadyO's General Online Listing: online webpage with affiliate links and freelance referrals for business
Living The Life: online blogger with affiliate links, freelance referrals and business opportunities
Rampwalker Banners Arts Committee: communty group to forum public awareness and produce empowerment in society through various genres


Today we strive, to stay alive. At a moments notice our lives are gone. Shattered souls and hearts so torn that eternity takes one second and our miseries too long. We pray Oh God for a better way, a hopeful answer, and a kinder day. To open our eyes together and see, the beauties that life has given us all, because for this world is why you made me. I see your light and will share with all. Praising everyday and knowing that you'd call. When even facing friend or foe, we were all once children seconds ago. From now until forever honoring peace and to take a stand. As finding a quest for truthfulness in a dry desserted land. My God your name is history and to forget not what we do. Open our eyes to promise, we've shared our dreams with you. It is our patience, in the here after. -amen

A Reading Schedule for Spiritual Gifts

I hope that the following scriptural texts will give you some patience and insight for guidance. This is a general posting with page links for referrals, however, you may ask a question to view in this section. We are all somewhat gifted, but sometimes need a lift for our spirit. Enjoy the reading... In true strength and peace--Olivia New Testament:


We would like to hear from you and get some feedback. There are some posted community pages on the left panel to send online correspondence. However, for planning any readings hosted by me (LadyO) you will need to send a postmark to the following address: Olivia CheathamShipman, P.O. Box 1835, Madison Square Station, New York, New York 10159. Events for public, private, and fundraising interests are welcomed. Thank you for supporting the voice of spoken word, our efforts are true and sincere. For a copy of our posting go to: or click the left panel for International Poetry Ambassador Program, print a copy, and send me a brief note to schedule an appointment. Looking forward to hearing from you soon