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P.O. Box 1835

Madison Square Station

New York, New York 10159

(212) 340-1018






Cha, cha, cha, ching

Bling, bling, bling

Take our advice

we'll make your pockets sing...

From campaigns, logos, slogans and jingles.

Servicing the filthy rich to yuppie/buppie singles.

So, any good name means just quite the same, and that's money....

Rally support, for events, venues and projects.


We welcome all visitors to support this ongoing campaign.

Donations, as well as, your valuable time will be graciously accepted.

Don't forget Rampwalkers registration page, some rally, pass out flyers, and others can help with the annual production in support of our itinerary.

Rampwalker Banners and Bandettes would like to thank all supporters for attending with us to area community projects and functions.

While still in development of our guest list of volunteered projects, we would like to take a step forward. After two years of organizing to be a talk of the town, by moral support, this project will build a campaign of workers with showmanship, appreciation, and skilled character.

As promoters for newly structured, and ongoing campaigns of civic, community, charity, and various venues; we need a secure base of visibility.

Currently, with colors of black and green, a logo, our own banners, and a uniform support project is needed.

Please support and donate towards the development of:

--LadyO's Annual Networks and Performance Expo--. This event is posting for a potential late Spring 2006 engagement of "Spoken Word, New Music, Battle of the DJ's, Variety of open talent, Fashion/Hair Show Debut."

Follow the links below for further information, fundraising products and donation page. The current "Banner Promo" is a traveller's coupon for hotel accommodations.

If you still would like the premium for donating, use the contact information on this page, send a self-addressed stamped envelope and payment registration information to receive certificate by mail.

COMING SOON---wristband/banner straps, and sponsor campaign ads for the event.

Thank you.

Rampwalkers Fundraising Campaigns Rampwalker/Banners registration and fundraising information. Rampwalker Banners and Bandettes registration, fundraising and online donation registration direct link to donation page